Next Gen Power Entry Module


Extremely compact, the DG11 series power entry module combines an IEC appliance inlet with an integrated rocker style circuit breaker. The series features a first-of-its-kind IP67 sealed version according to IEC 60529 in addition to IP40 versions.


The DG11 features three mounting variations: front panel snap-in, 1 to 3 mm; front or rear panel screw-mount, with top or side affixed frame. The sealed version is front panel mounted. It has a sealing gasket between the flange and panel, which is tightly mounted with sealed screws. The circuit breaker has a factory mounted protective cover. The inlet is sealed around the frame, as well as around the pins. The inlet is not sealed when plugged, although an IP54 version of the inlet is planned


The DG11 incorporates SCHURTER’s TA35 circuit breaker for equipment, available with current ratings from 0.5 to 15 A. The CBE provides the function of a 2-pole ON/OFF switch with 1 or 2-pole overcurrent protection. The rocker switch is recessed to prevent against inadvertent actuation. It is available illuminated or non-illuminated in a variety of colors and markings.


The DG11 aptly provides an alternative to power entry modules with integrated fuseholders, which can be limited by maximum rated current and allowable power dissipation or where resettable instead of replaceable overcurrent protection is required. It is well suited for use in various industrial appliances, especially motor drive appliances for protection against high inrush currents and high transient loads. The sealed version is ideal for use in appliances exposed to water or dust, for instance sterile medical and laboratory appliances such as shaking water baths ultrasonic cleaners, and overhead stirrers; commercial cooking appliances; power tools. Additionally, the DG11 is V-Lock cordset compatible, designed to protect against unintended disconnection.


The DG11 is rated 10 A at 250 VAC according to IEC and 15 A at 125/250 VAC according to UL/CSA.  It is ENEC and cURus approved. CCC approval is pending. A version with EMC filter, series DG12, is planned for release in Q4 2018.



  • Panel mount: Screw-on version from front or rear side, snap-in version from front side
  • 2 Functions: Appliance Inlet, protection class I or II, Circuit breaker type TA35, 2-pole
  • Pre-wired coupling
  • V-Lock notch standard
  • Quick connect terminal 6.3 x 0.8 mm
  • Connector and circuit breaker are prewired
  • Circuit Breaker non-illuminated or illuminated
  • Suitable for use in equipment according to IEC/UL 60950
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