Next Generation 4XLift™ Provides Safer Material Lifting


Wildeck’s innovative 4-post VRC design includes, as standard, the company’s full-featured AutoSenz® D-Series Overload Detection System (U.S. Patent No. 7,408,317).  According to Hue Schlegel, Director of Marketing at Wildeck, “Unlike older competitive designs, our next-generation 4XLift™ has more available safety features than any other 4-post VRC on the market and has been designed from the start to provide safer lifting of heavy, bulky loads.” In addition to the standard AutoSenz® safety control system that continuously monitors motor current and immediately stops the lift should a jam occur, the 4XLift is designed and manufactured to meet ANSI/ASME B20.1 “Safety Standard for Conveyors” and is guaranteed to meet all local, State, and federal codes and regulations that pertain to VRCs.   The 4XLift is available in two lifting capacities.  The “standard” capacity is 15,000 lbs and the “high load” capacity 4XLift handles loads up to 30,000 lbs. (higher load capacity designs are available).  The standard carriage platform accepts loads up to 12 ft wide by 30 ft. long, and larger platform sizes are available.  The 4XLift comes equipped with a rugged lifting motor rated for continuous duty and features heavy-duty roller chains, a high service gearbox, and an alloy steel drive shaft that has been specially designed for durability and long service life.  Additional design and safety features include a robust 4-post structural frame with either 6” or 8” wide-flange steel beams; an available CargoLok™ gate that securely encloses the carriage and protects heavy cargo or rolling loads; an audible alarm system that sounds if the CargoLok gate is left open or not properly latched; and an available SafeLok™ system that locks the carriage at upper levels for added safety.

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