Next-Generation Baggers Designed to Maximize Productivity


Autobag 500 and 550 baggers are versatile machines with high-speed productivity for a wide range of packaging applications.


Autobag 500 will package at rates over 100 bags per minute using Autobag pre-opened bags-on-a-roll in sizes from 2  to 12 in. wide by 2.5 to 20 in. long. The Autobag 550 utilizes the same basic design, with a fully integrated AutoLabel imprinter positioned directly over the next bag to be loaded, eliminating the need for a separate print and label operation.


An innovative design provides more efficient loading with an adjustable pass-through opening up to five inches wide. No light curtains and less guarding enable unrestricted access to the pre-opened bag while remaining inherently safe. These new Autobag bag packaging systems can be configured in left- or right-hand orientation with an easy height adjustment for maximum operator productivity and comfort.


An improved, multi-position unwind with tension control provides faster changeovers of bag-on-a-roll materials with an AutoThread function that reduces waste.


Specifications include:

  • package rates range to over 100 bags/min
  • use pre-opened, bags-on-a-roll in sizes from 2.5 to 20 in. x 2 to 12 in.
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