Next Generation Continuous Duty Industrial Vacuum


VAC-U-MAX introduces the next generation of its model 1020 continuous duty industrial vacuum, the VAC-U-MAX Model 1050, which boasts 100 percent more filter area for increased efficiency, a unique atmospheric blowback system that allows filter cleaning with power on, larger wheels to deliver superior maneuverability, and reduced noise levels, making the 1050 the quietest industrial vacuum in the industry. Due to the unit’s maneuverability and it’s powerful suction, it can also be used as a portable central vacuum system with one, two or three operators using local tubing networks in multiple areas, supporting a couple hundred feet of tubing.  Because the unit is moved to debris it uses less energy than a central vacuum system that requires more hp to move material farther, and costs around half of what a central vacuum system cost. 

Two of the most significant improvements are the unit’s increased filter capacity which enhances the ability to handle finer powders and filter them more efficiently reducing the load on the vacuum producer, and the new unique atmospheric blowback system.  The reduced load on the vacuum producer puts more power to the end of the hose, giving the operator more power for an extended period of time than in the past. In the past, providing larger filter capacity was a challenge because although the vacuum was electric powered, an umbilical cord to a compressed air supply was needed to pulse clean the filters. Now, the unique atmospheric blowback system allows users to clean the filters without compressed air and without having to turn off the vacuum increasing productivity and reducing wear and tear on the motor.  

Another productivity advantage of the new atmospheric blowback system on the VAC-U-MAX 1050 is the ability the have the motor continue running while users change out filled drums or hoppers. The combination of the product enhancements listed above and improved silencing exhaust system make the 1050 the quietest continuous duty industrial vacuum in the industry.  On par with making its products safer for workers, VAC-U-MAX has increased the diameter of the front wheels from 10 inches to 14 inches, and replaced the single 8 inch caster on the rear with a duel 8 inch swivel caster, making the unit more maneuverable for a single operator. Available for combustible and non-combustible materials, the new VAC-U-MAX 1050 continuous duty vacuum, offered with 10 or 15 horsepower, has 100 percent more filter area producing enhanced suction and quieter operation, enhanced maneuverability and productivity for high volumes of powders or heavy materials.


  • reduced noise levels
  • powerful suction

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