Next Generation PCB Laser Marking System


Control Micro Systems, Inc. announces the introduction of the latest generation of its printed circuit board laser markers, the Gen4 product line. Benefiting from over 20 years experience in applying laser technology to marking applications, the Gen4 achieves unsurpassed pcb marking performance. The Gen4 laser system is designed to mark and verify ECC200 Data Matrix symbology as well as other machine code formats, man-readable text and graphic images. Adjustable width through-conveyor and programmable mark locations accommodate panels of virtually any size and array configuration. The Gen4 is available with a wide variety of air-cooled CO2 and solid-state lasers including the Ytterbium Fiber laser to mark almost any board substrate material and coating combination, usually without requiring a preprinted ink block. The in-line through conveyor laser system provides fully automated, unattended marking operation in all SMEMA-compliant assembly lines or in stand-alone work cells using automated board loaders/unloaders.


* IDM Square matrix codes * Rectangular matrix codes * ECC 200 2D matrix codes * UPS, 2 of 5, 3 of 9, 128 and EAN linear barcodes * OCR Machine-Readable Text * Alphanumeric Text with various fonts * Graphics and logos
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