Next-Generation Signaling System


Signal lights, available in surface mount, with articulating U-bracket, and increased safety surface mount, supports a full range of voltages, including 12VDC, 120VAC, and 220-240VAC. They also carry global certification, including Zone 1, 21 Rated, IECEx, ATEX, Ex d IIC and Ex de IIC.

A modular housing design allows individual signals to be combined into multi-signal fixtures, which reduces a customer’s installation and wiring burden. Multi-signal fixtures with 2-6 signals can be combined into a myriad of configurations.


  • LED beacon offers eight different flash patterns—including steady and simulated strobe
  • Strobe beacon includes a high-intensity xenon strobe tube operated at 21J
  • Sounder with gain control offers 15 discreet tones—multiple tones are remotely selectable. One single sounder can warn of more than one condition, or it can escalate the severity of a single alarm condition
  • Loudspeaker offers five remotely selectable taps at the HIGH power setting and another five remotely selectable taps at a LOW power setting (70 Vrms and 100 Vrms options available)
  • Amplified speaker with gain control supports 0.8 Vrms or 2.8 Vrms audio-level signals
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