NexX Multidirectional Reach Truck


The NexX multidirectional reach truck is ideal for use in cramped storage rooms and narrow aisles. In addition to long goods, users can also transport standard-sized loads of up to 3t. With its compact design and multidirectional steering, the truck allows users to make better use of their existing storage space.


The steering and the traction drive of the three-wheel chassis with PU tires is fully electric and does not use any hydraulics. As a result, the NexX is much more energy-efficient compared to other trucks. The reach truck is also available with either a lead-acid battery or a lithium-ion battery. With the HX steering, the truck can quickly switch between longitudinal, transverse, and circular travel.


The open and ergonomically designed cross-seat cabin gives the driver an optimal view in all directions. Plus, the three-wheel chassis quickly compensates for any unevenness in the ground. The result is a truck that is both energy-efficient and particularly comfortable for the user.


Available with load capacities of:

  • 2t
  • 2.5t
  • 3t
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