Nibbler N500-8: It Cuts in Four Directions


With the Nibbler N500-8, TRUMPF
has taken its nibbler product line one step further: The new model now cuts
in all four cutting directions and is the only nibbler able to do so in the
performance class that cuts steel sheets up to 0.197 inches thick. Reverse
cutting – an often-desired feature – is easy to do with the N 500-8. It
enables faster and more flexible processing.
TRUMPF developers have succeeded in constructing the Nibbler N500-8
to operate in reverse and four directions by modifying the die carrier holder.
This has improved handling and makes the tool unique in the performance
class for steel sheets up to 0.197 inches. With this function, users can
move the tool horizontally toward them or, with very little pressure,
vertically from top to bottom.
Companies from a wide variety of industries – from plumbers to
shipbuilders – will benefit from the flexibility of the TRUMPF N500-8; but
the workers who will benefit the most are those in the tank demolition and
coil processing industries. Tank demolition specialists traditionally work in
very tight and narrow spaces. Their work will be considerably easier with
the nibbler’s ability to move in all four directions.
In the coil industry, the benefits of this tool play out differently. Frequently,
the steel sheet to be coiled gets jammed in the machine. When this
happens, the band has to be cut to release it. With the N500-8 nibbler, the
user can perform this task safely, even when there is tension in the steel
sheets because reverse cutting positions the user away from the sheets.
With a 1,400 W motor and weighing less than 9 lbs., the new N500-8
nibbles smoothly through sheet metal up to 0.197 inches thick and
stainless steel 0.125 inches thick with a working speed of about 4.9 feet
per minute. This tool is also able to cut through aluminum sheets up to
0.275 inches thick. As the only one of its kind in its performance class, it
also effortlessly cuts through workpieces with 90° bends and double
sheeting, such as tanks, containers and guard rails


• Steel 400 N / mm² 5 mm • Start hole diameter 41 mm
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