Nightstick SP-4616B Low-Profile Dual-Light Headlamp


Nightstick NSP-4616B Low-Profile Dual-Light™ Headlamp is designed specifically to work on fire helmets and hard-hats that have a flip-up face shield. The unique low-profile shape allows the user to work without having to remove the headlamp when raising or lowering their face shield. The NSP-4616B is manufactured from glass-filled nylon polymer and features a multi-position tilt head design. Both the spotlight and the floodlight use CREE® LED’s and an advanced (TIR) Total Internal Reflection lens designed to optimize lumen output and beam pattern. The spotlight and the floodlight are both rated at 250 lumens in high mode and 125 lumens in low mode.



  • front-mounted dual switches
  • Dual-Light mode of 450 lumens for distance illumination
  • ultra-thin profile
  • dual TIR lenses
  • heavy-duty rubber strap for helmets & hardhats
  • uses 3 AA batteries
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