Nitrile-Phenolic Tapes


MACtac recently refined its nitrile-phenolic tapes to provide significantly higher performance, meeting the needs of the new, higher-performing transmissions now being manufactured.

The new and improved dry adhesives are an excellent alternative to liquid solvent-based adhesives, as they have fewer environmental and safety issues and can improve manufacturing efficiency while reducing waste. MACtac’s nitrile-phenolic tapes are very low in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and do not experience the solvent evaporation and adhesive quality issues that can occur with liquid adhesives. Parts can be assembled more quickly and with little waste, as pre-measured tapes can be applied in-line to raw materials or converted parts using modest heat-assisted lamination. The thermoset adhesive bonds in minutes, with no extended cure time needed.

“These products have been used in the manufacture of powertrains and transmission components by all major automotive OEMs, both foreign and domestic,” said Steve Dominak, business development manager, MACtac Specialty Products. “After so many years of meeting customers’ needs for adhesives that will hold up under severe environments, MACtac has earned their trust through our expertise and quality adhesives. Our extensive background in pressure-sensitive adhesive research and development has enabled MACtac to formulate solutions for the automotive market, where superior adhesive performance is a necessity.”

MACtac’s nitrile-phenolic dry adhesive tapes are available in a 1.0-mil tape (IF4020A) and a 2.0-mil tape (IF4022A), both featuring a 60# coated release liner for easy assembly and transfer to mating surfaces. With heat and pressure, the nitrile-phenolic adhesive quickly forms a very high bond to a variety of wet-laid fibers (paper), carbon and other friction materials utilized in automotive OEM, heavy equipment, lawn and garden, and industrial applications.

Primarily developed for the automotive market, MACtac’s IF4020A and IF4022A tapes are well suited for all types of motors, transmissions, clutches and brake systems. These adhesives are used in the assembly of torque converters, which are subjected to severe levels of high heat, friction and exposure to chemicals such as transmission oil. The nitrile-phenolic tapes also enable friction material to adhere to steel, providing a secure bond for brakes, clutches and transmissions and are used in most synchronizers worldwide. They are also used in the manufacture of limited slip differentials, pressure plates and wet friction plates.
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