Nitrogen Gas Spring


DADCO’s new UX.1600 nitrogen gas spring is the latest addition to DADCO’s Ultra Force Extended® Series.  The 1.7-ton UX.1600 matches the ¾-ton ISO Standard size full height gas spring in overall length with twice the amount of force on contact.  It has a 63 mm diameter body and is available with stroke lengths from 25 – 200 mm.  The UX.1600 has linking capability through its G 1/8 port and is offered with a variety of mount options.

The Ultra Force Extended® Series incorporates DADCO’s UltraPak® cartridge technology comprised of a superior bearing and seal to extend gas spring life and provide excellent wear characteristics.  Other Ultra Force Extended® models, which fit the comparable standard full height gas spring envelope and provide more force on contact, include the UX.1000 (1.0 ton), UX.2600 (2.6 ton), UX.4600 (4.7 ton), UX.6600 (7.4 ton), UX.9600 (10.7 ton) and UX.20000 (22 ton). 


  • 63 mm diameter body
  • stroke lengths from 25 – 200 mm
  • superior bearing and seal
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