No More Pointless Meetings


Meetings are the bane of work life: time-consuming and inadequate for addressing today's innovation and speed-to-market imperatives. Everybody grumbles about them, but nothing ever changes—until now. 

Author Martin Murphy has helped dozens of corporate clients transform conventional meetings into workflow sessions that are truly productive by reframing workflow management issues into four critical activities: Issues Management, Innovation, Problem Solving, and Ongoing Planning. By doing so, he has upended the entire concept of the one-size-fits-all traditional meeting model and has set a new standard for collaborative results. 

No More Pointless Meetings gives you workflow management tools to dramatically improve both in-the-flesh and digital collaboration by leveraging the cognitive and creative potential of the individuals who report to you.


Some of the skills you will learn include:

  • How to use Action Plans to improve cognitive and creative productivity in a manner that ensures early ownership of issues, accountability, and transparency.
  • How to deploy three fast-track collaboration sessions: Issues Management, Innovation, and Problem Solving.
  • How to stay current with exponential change by installing an Ongoing Planning System and a Planning Database.
  • How to use Information Gaps to upgrade your Organizational IQ.
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