Nocturnal Network Video Recorders


A full line of 4K security Network Video Recorders, or NVRs drastically improve the sharpness and clarity of security footage, and will ultimately offer the best chance to capture usable evidence should an incident or intrusion occur.


How much better is 4K? Well, a lot. 1080p full HD resolution typically has a pixel ratio of 1920 × 1080. That's 2,073,600 pixels. These NVRs, on the other hand, can record a pixel ratio of 3840 × 2160 - that's 8,294,400 pixels! That's over 4 times as many pixels. This higher pixel count is especially important for security monitoring, as it allows for much greater digital zooms. So if there is something of interest deep in the distance, the image won't blur together as quickly as the digital zoom is applied. This is simply because there are many more pixels available.  Moreover, these NVRs can record 4K resolution at a real-time 30 frames-per-second rate. This ensures smooth on-screen movement that doesn't miss a moment. 


Lorex 4K NVRs are powerful pieces of technology that do much more than merely store recorded footage. Sufi-Khan Sulaiman, the VP of eCommerce at Lorex, calls these NVRs "a game changer." He continues by saying that "they are perfect for new and experienced users alike. They are extremely user-friendly, with easy camera connectivity, and straightforward programming. They are also compatible with our full range of IP security cameras - from 720p all the way to 4K, as well as other ONVIF security cameras - so they make a perfect starting point for any new security system or an easy way to upgrade an older system to 4K." Advanced users can also find plenty of sophisticated options, including:


  • Different recording modes - choose from continuous, scheduled, or motion recording on a camera to camera bases. 
  • Regional Motion Zones - customize motion sensitivity with up to four motion zones per camera. 
  • Privacy Masking - Black out areas, such as inside windows, to ensure privacy.


Lorex 4K NVRs are also capable of recording audio if your security camera has a microphone. This can add a whole new layer of information, such as voices, and even expand your security coverage beyond the camera's field of view. There is no need for additional cables to record audio either. Audio is transmitted via the same Ethernet cable as the video. 


In the end, a security system should make you feel secure, even while you are away. Fortunately, these 4K NVRs are easily connected to Lorex's remote viewing app for smartphones and tablets. This app will let customers watch the live views or recorded footage from virtually anywhere in the world.  It can also send push notifications for motion events to make sure they are always in the know. Don't want a camera to record for a while? No problem. A new privacy mode, a first for NVRs, is also included in this app.


The best part about these new 4K NVRs, however, is that they require very little maintenance. For most customers, once the initial setup is complete, the NVR will hardly need to be touched. Basic operations can be accomplished through the app, there is no hard drive maintenance, as the NVR is programmed to automatically overwrite the oldest footage with the newest, and software updates will also be automatically installed as long as the NVR is connected to the internet. But it will always be there, recording top quality footage, just in case.

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