Nocturnal Security Cameras


Lorex, a pioneer in user-friendly security camera systems, is proud to introduce a new line of industry-leading 4K (8 megapixel) IP security cameras to their extensive line of consumer security products. These "Nocturnal" cameras, named because of their impressive night vision, all-black metal exteriors and extreme temperature tolerance, are available in both bullet and dome models. Select models also come with built-in microphones for listen-in audio monitoring or motorized zoom lenses that allow the camera to zoom in and out for the perfect field of view.

Nocturnal security cameras will leave nothing to question thanks to the 8MP (megapixel) Sony Exmor R image sensor at their core. This sensor is capable of recording 4K resolution security footage and will add a whole new level of detail and clarity, not to mention an increased ability to zoom in on distant objects without drastically reducing image quality.  They also come equipped with HEVC or H.265 video encoding that compresses 4K file sizes without losing the 4K video quality.


This image sensor is especially good in low light settings. In fact, one Nocturnal security camera model can see up to an amazing 250ft in the dark. Another revolutionary feature of Nocturnal security cameras is their Color Night Vision technology; which delivers full color video in low-light conditions (external lighting required) and provides an extra level of visual detail that can help identify people or objects at night.


Their all-black, aerospace-grade metal exteriors also make these security cameras incredibly strong. Rated IP67, these cameras can withstand heavy rains, furious snowstorms and anything else Mother Nature can throw at them. Their all-black exteriors are also designed to be highly visible during the day, while blending seamlessly into the night. This will hopefully deter potential intruders when they pick out possible targets, or unknowingly capture them in the act. 


If that wasn't enough, select Nocturnal security cameras also come with built-in microphones and / or motorized zoom lenses. Adding audio to your security camera system will add a whole new layer of information (like voices) and can help interpret events, even if they occur off-screen. A motorized zoom lens, on the other hand, allows customers to zoom in on something specific in close detail (like a cash register), zoom all the way out for maximum coverage, or anywhere in between. There is no need to break out the ladder to fine-tune the zoom of these cameras either. Adjustments can simply be made through the NVR or with a connected mobile device.


Whether customers are in the market for a new security camera or looking to upgrade, a 4K Nocturnal security camera from Lorex is right for the job. 


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