Non-conventional Linear Position Transducer Perfect for Automotive Applications


The FX-HM linear position transducer provides up to 15 in. of measurement
range in a subcompact plastic package. Key to the FX-HM position transducer is the
non-contacting internal hall effect device which allows use in dithering or vibration
environments that can cause rapid degradation of conventional contacting sensors.
The hall effect device ensures longevity in excess of 10 million full stroke cycles.

The compact size, standard output voltage and wide excitation voltage range make the
FX-HM ideally suited for automotive test applications such as monitoring throttle
position, pedal position, and suspension travel.



Small Footprint: 0.75 in. wide x Ø1.50
• 9 measurement range: 0-2 in. to 0-15 in.
Wide Excitation Voltage Range: 4.9-30 VDC
• Nominal 0-10 VDC analog
• Dynamic Response of 25 Hz over a 1.5 in. measurement range
• Simple 2-point Mount

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