Non-Woven Surface Conditioning Belts


Norton | Saint-Gobain has launched an expansion of its Norton Rapid Prep™ non-woven surface conditioning product line. This Norton Bear-Tex® portfolio now includes a new RF (regular flex) line of aluminum oxide (A/O) products which are ideal for extremely demanding belt and quick change disc applications. Featuring an innovative design that combines premium A/O abrasive grain with a strong Y-wt. polyester backing, Norton Rapid Prep™ RF A/O is highly durable and flexible with extremely low stretch characteristics. In addition, RF incorporates the Norton | Saint-Gobain proprietary Clean Bond™ resin technology for a smear-free finish, eliminating rework process steps and improving productivity. (

The new product line has been specifically designed for use in belt forms where high-tensile machines and/or operating conditions require a belt with low stretch properties. The long-lasting, high-performance Bear-Tex materials are ideally suited for surface conditioning applications such as blending and deburring, across industries ranging from aerospace, to metal fabrication and maintenance and repair operations (MRO).


Premium, durable nylon fiber bonded to a strong Y-wt. polyester backing with extremely low-stretch is ideal for applications where low-stretch and durability are necessary

Premium aluminum oxide abrasive grain coating provides up to 20% higher cut rate and 50% better performance (more life, wear and load resistance) than competitive low-stretch, aluminum oxide surface conditioning belts

Proprietary Clean Bond resin technology guarantees a smear-free finish and minimizes loading on aluminum and other soft metals

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