NOR 848B Hextile Acoustic Camera


2022 NED Innovation Award Finalist

Acoustic beam-forming arrays, commonly known as acoustic cameras, enable the user to visualize different sound sources at different frequencies and source strengths. The resolution and ability to resolve sound sources spaced closely apart, and at lower frequencies, are mainly decided by the overall size and number of microphones of the equipment being used. Although image manipulation and deconvolution techniques on the beam-formed results might give added resolution, in practice the properties of the array still influence the results. This size versus resolution criteria is the crux of the acoustic camera market. Users want something that is small, lightweight, and portable, while at the same time having an excellent resolution and the ability to go low in frequency.


The Hextile is a USB-based acoustic camera, with a single USB cable for both power and data transfer—no extra battery cable is needed.


The system can be used in 3-modes:

  • Std. Freq. (410 Hz.), 1-Hextile light, robust, and easy to use for a wide range of measurement situations
  • Mid-Freq. (220 Hz.), 3-Hextile compact for users that require better resolution both in lower frequencies and overall
  • Low-Freq. (120 Hz), 3-Hextiles extended for special low-frequency applications below 1 kHz


This has been an impossible demand for a single system until now. Scantek offers both portable and fixed-based solutions for every application: machine health & maintenance, OSHA noise compliance, nuisance noise mitigation and resolution, building acoustics, and product development.


  • Simple connection to the MacBook Pro computer through a single LAN-cable
  • Listen to and analyze real-time audio from the virtual microphone position
  • The virtual microphone enables you to listen to the sound contribution from any source real time, filtered with your selected frequency range
  • Microphones on a disc prevent sound and echo from behind
  • Low self-noise and large measurement range
  • RPM option for analyzing rotating machines
  • High-performance optical video camera is included in the camera's front-end unit
  • The distribution of the high number of microphones ensures high resolving power and reduces the problems due to side lobe effects compared to most other acoustic cameras
  • Digital microphones ensure large dynamic range and high stability
  • All parts are integrated into the camera
  • Operated on mains or DC input
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