North American Tempest SE High Velocity Burner


Featuring a compact design, North American Tempest SE is a versatile gas burner suited to a range of applications.


The industrial burner, a direct fire, nozzle-mix burner with a compact design, improves temperature uniformity, product quality, and system efficiency in a variety of applications.


The North American Tempest SE offers versatile and reliable performance for process and heat treating in a wide variety of industrial applications. The burner offers the convenience of multi-fuel capability, with various nozzle options, and enables any control methodology, including pulse firing, excess air or stoichiometric.


  • Low NOx emissions
  • DMC Mode capable of achieving Ultra Low NOx emissions 
  • Direct spark ignition
  • Sturdy cast construction
  • Wide operating limits 
  • Low air pressure requirements 
  • Lightweight, compact design
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