Norton for Aluminum Thin Wheels


Norton for Aluminum Thin Wheels are for the right angle cutting and grinding of aluminum and other non-ferrous soft metals. They offer aggressive, fast cutting which resists loading and minimizes heat on the workpiece, providing consistent, long-lasting wheel performance. High quality, extra-friable and self-sharpening aluminum oxide grain and specialized bond technology results in the good cutting and grinding performance.


Norton for Aluminum wheels have a range of features and benefits, including a 0.625 to 11 in. (1.6 to 27.9 cm) hub for quick, tool-free wheel changes. Helping to keep metal surfaces clean for defect-free, corrosion-free welding, the wheels have a contaminate-free bond which does not need any waxes or lubricants. Also, a double coarse layer construction adds versatility and life on applications such as back-grinding and notching. Norton for Aluminum wheels construction is strong and safe, exceeding all the strictest Norton American ANSI and international safety standards.


Key markets for Norton for Aluminum include aluminum and metal fabrication, welding, shipbuilding, automotive and transportation, aerospace, and construction. Applications include aluminum, cut-off, portable grinding, beveling, notching, smoothing welds, and offhand stock removal.


  • 1/4 in. Grinding Type 27
  • 1/8 in. Cutting/ Notching/ Grinding Type 27
  • 0.045 in. Right Angle Cut-Off Types 01/41 and 27/42
  • Straight Cut-Off Type 01/41
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