NorZon® Plus RightCut™ Type 01 and Type 27 cut-off wheels now available in new sizes


WORCESTER, MASS., – NorZon Plus RightCut wheels are now available in 4-1/2" through 6" diameters in Type 01 straight and Type 27 depressed center shapes for right-angle grinders.

Extensive internal and field tests prove that these NorZon Plus wheels perform 40 to 100 percent better than competitive high-performance wheels with similar abrasive grain types, and up to 10 times better than wheels made with aluminum oxide. Improved performance was found across all grinding jobs – from gray iron to exotic alloys and stainless steel.

NorZon Plus RightCut cut-off wheels are made with advanced ceramic grain technology – the premium combination of Norton SG® (seeded gel) ceramic alumina and NorZon zirconia alumina abrasives – in the fastest cutting bond system. They offer the same extended life and smooth-cutting action of the thicker NorZon Plus grinding wheels currently available from Norton.

The new ultra-thin NorZon Plus RightCut wheels cut faster and grind more smoothly than other Type 01 and Type 27 wheels on the market. These wheels round out the full line of performance offerings in the GOOD, BETTER, BEST tiers of Norton brand products.

Norton is a brand of Saint-Gobain Abrasives. Saint-Gobain Abrasives is a division of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain (Paris). Saint-Gobain is a global manufacturer and distributor of flat glass, building products, glass containers, and high-performance materials. The company had worldwide sales of $44 billion in 2005. Saint-Gobain Corporation, the holding company for operations in the U.S. and Canada, has 180 plants and employs approximately 24,000 people. Saint-Gobain's web site is The Norton web site is


• DIAMETER: 4 = 4" • THICKNESS: 18 = 1/8" • HUB/HOLE SIZE: 38 = 3/8" • PRODUCT GROUP: G = GEMINI
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