Nylon Liquid Tight Strain Relief Fitting. Dome Top PG Threads


Our Nylon Strain Relief Fittings are used to help customers in all industries connect thier cable or wire to their applications. We provide a NEMA 4x & 6 (IP 68 & 69K), 150 PSIG (10 bar) Liquid Tight Rating.Our patented overlapping clamping splines, recessed custom grommets help protect your cable from damage and the elements. Our fittings provide a substantial amount of Pull-out resistance by applying concentric force on all points of the cable


Pressure Rating: IP 68 / IP 69 (NEMA 6 - 150 PSIG)
Material: Nylon
Colors: Black (RAL 9005) Grey (RAL 7035)
Seal: Buna-N
Thread Sizes: PG7, PG9, PG11, PG13, PG13.5, PG16, PG21, PG29, PG36, PG42, PG48
Operating Temperature: - 40°C to 100°C (- 40°F to 212°F)
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