O5C500 Color Sensor for Industrial Automation Applications


ifm efector inc., a leading manufacturer of sensors and controls, introduces a new color identification sensor that can verify, sort and error-proof the presence of objects by color in fast-moving applications. The O5C500 color sensor uses RGB technology to emit pulses of red, green, and blue light from the sensor’s transmitter. The sensor‘s receiver evaluates the pulsed light reflected from the target to determine the best color for identification.

The high resolution color sensor offers five selectable tolerance steps to reliably determine even the slightest differences in color shade. A simple, one-step teach function quickly establishes the parameters of an application. An auto-detect output automatically sets a single switching output to PNP or NPN operation. The sensor is programmable light-on or dark-on.

A switching frequency of 2,000 Hz provides accurate color detection in high-speed applications. The sensor‘s connector rotates 270° for exact alignment in multiple directions and quickly mounts in an application using one of ifm’s simple-to-install mounting brackets.

The Micro DC unit offers an adjustable sensing range from 15-19mm and a light spot diameter of 2x6mm. List price for O5C500 Series color sensor is $325.00 (US).

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