Oil for Rail Vehicle Gearboxes


Klübersynth GE 4 80 W 140, a fully synthetic high-performance gear oil based on polyalphaolefin (PAO) chemistry, offers high stability and protection even under shock loads.


With a kinematic viscosity of approximately 130 mm²/s at 40°C, the gear oil has proven to be successful in the market. For applications requiring an elevated viscosity, Klübersynth GE 4 80 W 140, has a kinematic viscosity of approx. 250 mm²/s at 40°C. This product concept corresponds to that of Klübersynth GE 4 75 W 90, which is approved by many OEMs, but with a higher viscosity.


The oil offers high resistance to scuffing and micropitting as well as good protection against wear on gear teeth and rolling bearings. The shear stability prevents the lubricant film from collapsing, which is essential to protect both gear teeth and rolling bearings.


The low foaming tendency and anti-corrosion properties of the product enable problem-free gear operation. It offers a much longer service life than conventional mineral oils, due to the excellent aging and oxidation resistance. As a result, service intervals are extended, and maintenance costs are reduced.


High-performance gear oils can be used in spur, bevel and hypoid gears, particularly if API GL4 or API GL5 is required. Klübersynth GE 4 75 W 90 is approved by several gear manufacturers like IG Watteeuw, Voith Turbo, Siemens-Flende, Stadler Rail, Bombardier, CAF and the German railway operator Deutsche Bahn.



  • Maximum protection against scuffing: API GL-5
  • Excellent wear protection for gear teeth and rolling bearings
  • Good shear stability for reliable lubricant film formation
  • High micropitting resistance
  • Excellent ageing and oxidation resistance
  • Wide service temperature range due to good viscosity-temperature behaviour
  • Good anti-foaming characteristics
  • Especially developed for rail vehicle gears subject to high stresses
  • Complements Klübersynth GE 4 75 W 90 with a higher viscosity
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