ÖLFLEX® 590 P is a color-coded, flexible power and control cable with a rugged, highly abrasion-resistant yellow polyurethane jacket. It is UV-resistant and performs very well in cold-temperature indoor and outdoor applications. ÖLFLEX® 590 CP is the shielded version, with an overall foil tape, drain wire, and tinned copper braid for EMI and RFI protection.
Recommended Applications: Portable hand tools; utility & forestry trucks & equipment; cold temperature applications; areas where the cable can be cut or damaged by sharp objects
Application Advantages: •Rugged PUR jacket resists cuts, nicks & abrasions •TPE insulation for superior cold-temperature flexibility •Safety colored yellow jacket •Good for wet & dry areas •UL & CSA AWM approval


Minimum Bend Radius - for installation: 5 x cable diameter - shielded: 8 x cable diameter    Temperature Range - for flexible use: -50°C to +80°C     Nominal Voltage: 600V     Test Voltage 2000V    Conductor Stranding Class 5 fine wire*    Color Code Color-coded per Chart 1 (#4 conductor is green/yellow)     Approvals UL: AWM 20234  Attributes: UL Oil Res I/II Sunlight Resistant NFPA 79 2012  Canada: CSA AWM 1/11 A/B FT1  Additional: CE & RoHS

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