ÖLFLEX® FD 90 is a flexible, 600V, UL and CSA approved single-conductor cable for continuous flex applications. It is designed with super fine wire stranding and specially formulated PVC compounds that are resistant to most mineral oils and water-based coolants.  ÖLFLEX® FD 90 CY with tinned copper braid shielding is used for applications where EMI emissions need to be suppressed.
Recommended Applications: Power circuits and applications requiring flexible power cable to interconnect the power supply to the machine
Application Advantages: •North American UL/CSA and European market approvals •Suitable for dry, damp interior use •Available in larger conductor sizes for power applications •CSA FT1 flame retardant 


Minimum Bend Radius - for continuous flexing: 7.5 x cable diameter - for installation: 3 x cable diameter     Temperature Range - for continuous flexing: -5°C to +90°C - for stationary use: -40°C to +90°C     Nominal Voltage:  - UL/CSA: 600V - IEC: 600/1000V     Test Voltage 4000V     Conductor Stranding Class 6 super fine wire         Approvals UL: AWM 10107 Canada: CSA AWM I/II A/B FT1 (4/0 AWG & smaller) cRU AWM I/II A/B FT1 (300 KCMIL & larger) Additional: Based on VDE 0250, 0281 CE & RoHS

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