ÖLFLEX® HEAT 180 MS is a high temperature silicone cable with North American approvals. It has a temperature rating of 180°C and is halogen-free. ÖLFLEX® HEAT 180 C MS is a shielded version available with an overall tinned copper braid. This is recommended when electrical interference needs to be suppressed.
Recommended Applications: Foundries; steel mills; glass factories; furnaces; commercial baking equipment; other high-temperature applications
Application Advantages: •Rated for use up to 180°C and can handle rapid increases in heat •Excellent low temperature rating of -50°C •Passes FT1 vertical flame test •Halogen-free & UV-resistant jacket •Resistant to oils, alcohols, vegetable & animal fats, and chemical substances   


Minimum Bend Radius  - unshielded: 4 x cable diameter - shielded: 6 x cable diameter     Temperature Range  - UL: -50°C to +150°C - VDE: -50°C to +80°C     Nominal Voltage: 600V (not for power applications)     Test Voltage 2000V     Conductor Stranding Class 5 fine wire      Color Code - 5c & lower: VDE 0293-308: Chart 6 - 6c & higher: Black with white numbers, plus green/yellow ground     Approvals UL: AWM 4476 Canada: cRU AWM I/II A/B FT1 Additional: CE & RoHS

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