ÖLFLEX® ROBOT 900 P is a multi-conductor control and signal monitoring cable. It is designed to withstand the extreme demands of twisting and bending stresses in robotic applications. ÖLFLEX® ROBOT 900 DP has a tinned copper spiral shield and is designed for use where EMI emissions need to be suppressed.
Recommended Applications: Multi-axis articulated robots with twisting and bending motion; automated handling equipment; cable tracks or moving machine parts
Application Advantages: •Designed for applications where combined twisting and bending occur •Specially formulated PUR jacket protects against the harshest of industrial plant environments •Maximum twist of ± 360°/m unshielded for wide variety of robot applications  


Minimum Bend Radius - for torsion and flexing: 15 x cable diameter - shielded: 15 x cable diameter     Temperature Range - for flexible use: -40°C to +80°C     Nominal Voltage: 300/500V     Test Voltage - 22 AWG & smaller 1500V - 20 AWG & larger 3000V     Conductor Stranding Extra fine wire      Maximum Torsion (Twist) - unshielded: ± 360°/m - shielded: ± 180°/m     Color Code - 22 AWG & smaller: DIN 47100: Chart 8 - 20 AWG & larger: Black with white numbers, plus green/yellow ground     Approvals  Based on VDE 0281, 0282, 0812 CE & RoHS

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