ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD 796 CP is specially designed, manufactured, and tested by Lapp for usage in modern high-acceleration cable track applications as well as over long travel lengths. It replaces seven ÖLFLEX® SERVO FD cables: 755 CP, 755 CP DESINA, 781 CP, 785 CP, 785 CP DESINA, 790 CP & 795 CP.
Recommended Applications: Motor connections between servo controllers and motors on industrial machinery; in cable tracks or moving machine parts; assembly handling; production lines and robotic systems with North American and European approvals
Application Advantages: •High dynamic performance in cable tracks •Acceleration up to 50 m/s² •Travel speed up to 5 m/s •Travel lengths up to 100 m •Abrasion-, cut-, and oil-resistant jacket


Minimum Bend Radius  - for continuous flexing:  - 16 - 6 AWG: 7.5 x cable diameter - 4 - 1 AWG: 10 x cable diameter - for stationary use: 4 x cable diameter     Temperature Range  - for continuous flexing: -40°C to +80°C - for stationary use: -50°C to +80°C     Nominal Voltage  - UL/CSA: 1000V - IEC U0/U: 600/1000V     Test Voltage 4000V     Conductor Stranding Class 6 super fine wire      Color Code  - Power conductors: Black conductors with white letters: U / L1 / C / L+ V / L2 W / L3 / D / L- plus green/yellow ground - One pair: Black & white - Two pair: Black with white numbers: 5, 6, 7, 8     Approvals UL: AWM 20234 Attributes: Flame RetardantVW-1  Canada: cRU AWM FT1  Additional: VDE Reg. no 859 CE & RoHS

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