ÖLFLEX® TC 600 is a multi-conductor cable approved for use in cable trays. It is UL TC-ER & CSA CIC approved, making it perfect for new plant installations and factory expansions. ÖLFLEX® TC 600 S has an overall foil tape and drain wire for EMI & RFI protection.
Recommended Applications: Plant expansion; contractor markets; A&E firm plant designs; tray wiring; anywhere VNTC® cables are used
Application Advantages: •Easier to pull than standard tray cable •UL TC-ER approval to reduce material costs; no conduit is needed •Black numbered conductors with printed color code for easy identification •UV-resistant and direct burial •UL wet rating 75°C


Minimum Bend Radius - unshielded: 4 x cable diameter - shielded: 6 x cable diameter     Temperature Range - UL TC / CSA CIC: -40°C to +90°C - for flexible use: -5° to +90°C - for stationary use: -40°C to +105°C     Nominal Voltage: - UL TC / CSA CIC: 600V - UL WTTC: 1000V     Test Voltage 2000V     Conductor Stranding Class B stranded wire      Color Code Black with white numbers and color name per color chart ICEA-NEMA (K-2): Chart 10, plus green/yellow ground     Approvals UL: TC-ER per UL 1277 MTW per UL 1063 (14 AWG & larger) WTTC per UL 2277 AWM 20886  Attributes: UL Oil Res I 75°C Wet; 90°C Dry Sunlight resistant Direct burial Bus Drop Cable (14 AWG & larger; 3c & 4c only) NFPA 79 2012  NEC: Class 1 Division 2 per NEC Article 501  Canada: cUL CIC FT4 cRU AWM I/II A/B FT4  Additional: CE & RoHS

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