OMEGA Introduces FREE LITERATURE New Horizons® in Environmental Monitoring


The New Horizons®  in Environmental Monitoring is comprised of over 150 full color pages that feature the latest environmental related products from Omega Engineering. The book is divided into 6 sections: Temperature which features data loggers, sensors, M12 connectors, thermal imagers, controllers and meters; Heaters which includes hi-density cartridge heaters, screw plug immersion heaters and our OMEGALUX ® C series of heavy duty cartridge heaters;  Flow Level, pH, Conductivity & Laboratory with that section focusing on analyzers, test and measurement, flow meters, transmitters, valves, and sensors; Pressure made up sensors and pressure gauges like our DPG409 series of digital pressure gauges; Data Acquisition which highlights recorders and systems; and the final section is Automation with pages dedicated to our accessories, enclosures, drives and motors.

A user-friendly index is available for easy product search, economical choices, popular models and accessories.
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