OMH Thermostat Series


Selco Products has announced the immediate availability of the new High Temperature Manual Reset ½” Thermostat OMH Series.  Incorporating a Polyphenylene Resin Body, the new series is designed to meet a temperature shut-off up to 400ºF for applications requiring a UL approved high limit safety device.  Typical applications include temperature control for beverage equipment, commercial and residential appliances, food equipment, HVAC equipment, and heaters.
The new manual reset thermostat incorporates a highly reliable switch that utilizes a temperature sensitive, snap-action bimetal disc, electrically isolated from the switch.  Contacts open on rise when surface or ambient temperature increases to the set point of the calibrated bimetal disc.   The calibrated fixed disc is mounted adjacent to the monitored surface, providing a rapid response to temperature changes.
The OMH thermostat series features an operating temperature of 50-250ºC (120-401ºF) and a tolerance
of ± -8ºC (± - 14.4 F).  Reliability is assured with a switch operating life cycle of 6,000.  Silver contacts are rated at 15 amps at 125VAC (16 amps at 250VAC).


• Electrical rating • 125VAC, 15 Amps, Resistive, 6,000 Cycles • 250VAC, 16 Amps, Resistive, 6,000 Cycles • Non-Trip Free • Contact type • Silver contacts, SPST, Normally Closed (open on temperature rise) • Temperature range • 120ºF to 401ºF (50ºC to 205ºC) • Temperature tolerance • Operating ±14ºF (±8ºC) • Manual reset • 30% below operating temperature • Circuit resistance (initial value) • 50m Ω or more (with 500VDC megger) • Dielectric strength • 1500V/1 minute • Thermostat body material • Polyphenylene Sulfide Resin
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