On-the-Saw Sharpening System


Chainsaw users now have the ability to precisely sharpen dull chain in as few as three to five seconds when they use the new PowerSharp® system, developed by Blount, Inc., under its OREGON® brand. Manufactured in a variety of configurations, PowerSharp fits most saws on the market, as well as models already in use. 

 “PowerSharp will make a landmark impact on the chainsaw industry,” said Jake VanderZanden, senior vice president of business development for Blount. “For at least 50 years our customers have been asking us for a fast and easy solution for dull saw chain. PowerSharp is the result of intensive research and focused development.”

Portable and easy-to-use, the patent-pending PowerSharp system includes the PowerSharp chain, the PowerSharp bar-mount sharpener, and the PowerSharp guide bar. Working together, these components provide a fast, simple, and portable method for sharpening saw chain with precision.

“All types of chainsaw users will find the PowerSharp system to be a benefit,” said Teresa De Mers, Blount, director of business development for new products and markets. ”Based on field testing and early customer response, we are overwhelmed at the enthusiasm this is generating by people who want to use it.”

The PowerSharp starter kit, which includes all components in one package, sells at the MSRP of $75 to $80.


  • precisely sharpen dull chains
  • portable and easy-to-use
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