One Clamping Module for All Workpieces


The KONTEC KSC from SCHUNK is a multi-functional manual clamping system. It is easily adjusted, whether conventional clamping, very low clamping depths for 5-sided machining, molded parts, plates or workpieces with saw cut surfaces, KONTEC KSC enables an adjustment in very little time. Its sophisticated design facilitates the assembly of high supporting jaws for 5-axis machining. The clamping module is easy to actuate with a torque wrench and can be aligned on the machine table via longitudinal and transverse slots. It can be easily modified from a centric clamping device to a clamping module with a fixed jaw.

The base body is equipped with an integrated coolant groove. To reduce set-up time, the KONTEC KSC can be retrofitted with a SCHUNK UNILOCK quick-change pallet system. The clamping force is 25 kN, the jaw width 100 mm and the clamping width 292 mm, depending on the type of top jaws.

The new and innovative power grip jaw enables the operator to increase the clamping force to 35 kN at the top of the jaw where the jaw meets the workpiece. This unique feature offsets typical clamping force losses due to tall jaws. In addition, the power jaw is the optimum way to clamp workpieces for 5-axis machining because the KSC lifts the part up to provide needed tool clearance. Additionally the power jaw is ideal for clamping high-strength materials.

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