One-Ton Load Hexapod


The H-845 hexapod was designed for applications where heavy loads of up to 1 ton need to be moved precisely with submicron resolution in six degrees of freedom. Its modular concept provides the flexibility to modify the design fairly quickly to meet different customer requirements.


  • 6 Axis Motion with virtual pivot point (XYZ, Pitch, Roll, Yaw)
  • Handles loads to 1 metric ton
  • Actuator resolution <50 nanometers
  • Velocity to 20 mm/sec
  • Repeatability to ±2 microns
  • Positioning range upt 220mm (linear) 60 deg (rotations)
  • Scalable design: Dimensions, travel ranges and loads
  • Drive: brushless motors with brake
  • Includes State-of-the Art Vector Controller
  • Extensive software package
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