Online machine vision lens database


For engineers seeking fast and easy access to the most suitable machine vision lens for their application - Moritex has launched an online machine vision lens finder.

Located at the new facility enables engineers to enter the optimum magnification range, working distance, resolution as well as vertical and horizontal field of view figures to derive the Moritex machine vision lens that best suits their application. Benefiting from more than 25 years experience and expertise in the creation, manipulation and control of light - Moritex has developed a comprehensive portfolio of machine micro, macro, CCD and CCTV lenses to suit most vision applications.

Moritex's lightweight, C-mountable, and telecentric Machine Micro Lenses (MML) provide the high resolution and high contrast images for virtually any imaging application. Compact in size they offer a variety of working distances suitable for mounting on equipment and for meeting even the most demanding optical performance and alignment conditions. Moritex Zoom Lens are high performance lenses with integrated coaxial episcopic illumination designed based on telecentric optics. Electronic motorised zoom lenses are particularly useful in image recognition applications where objects of different sizes need to be automatically imaged. Compact in design, the Moritex Macro lens range was developed to provide high performance image sensing in shape recognition applications including food labelling inspection, surveillance and defective product identification. At the heart of each Macro lens is a state-of-the-art non-telecentric optical system that provides high resolution and low TV distortion. By limiting the number of lenses in each macro lens system to less than three, Moritex have succeeded in developing a high performance model at a reasonable price. Compact and with low mass optical, all Moritex CCTV lenses come with adjustable focus and iris rings giving the user full control over image focus, brightness and depth of field. Once set, both the focus and the iris can be locked in, thereby increasing the accuracy and reliability of the vision system on which they are employed.
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