Operation of alpha's small and highly dynamic gearmotor TPM is simple and reliable, commissioning even more convenient.


The TPM has been developed as a product representing the highest level of integration. The TPM is a geared motor (rotary actuator) based on an AC servo motor and high-precision planetary gearing. The size of this compact unit is less than half compared to a conventional motor and gear combination.

The TPM rotary actuator is characterized by an extremely high dynamic response: with an overall length of 186 mm , the TPM 50 builds up a maximum output torque of 500 Nm at a mass moment of inertia of 2.9 kgcm² – until now impossible values.

This high dynamic response is due to the considerable reduction in the moment of inertia: the mass moment of inertia of the actuator has simply been reduced by 50% compared to a conventional solution with separate motor and gear unit. The reason lies in its design: the rotor inertia is considerably reduced by the low-speed motor and the mass inertia on the gear side is reduced by around 90% because the gear pinion is directly integrated into the motor shaft, thus eliminating the need for a clutch. Example: with a load inertia of 150 kgcm² at the output, loads can be moved through 180 degrees with utmost precision in less than 150 milliseconds.

alpha gear drives is an industry innovator for motion control products – manufacturing and marketing precision planetary gearheads and actuators used in automated machines for the printing, packaging, food processing, machining and medical industries.
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