Operator Interface (HMI) Configuration Software


Operator Interface Configuration Software

The following operator interface panel configuration software is available:

•EA-PGMSW - C-more Touch Panel Windows-based configuration software. Requires Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 or XP Home or Professional.
Includes software installation guide and CD-ROM. Cables sold separately.

•OP-WINEDIT - OptiMate Text Panel Windows configuration software. Requires Windows 3.1 or later version. Includes manual and diskette.
Cables sold separately.

•DP-PGMSW - DirectTouch ScreenCreator Windows-based configuration software. Requires Windows 95/ 98/ 2000 or NT. Includes manual and diskette.
Cables sold separately.
NOTE: This product is only available to current customers with existing units in the field.
See sections below for a brief overview of the various operator interface software packages available.


C-more Touch Panel Programming Software

The C-more Programming Software (EA-PGMSW) is a user-friendly, Windows-based graphical editor for configuring all C-more operator interface touch panels. The configuration software provides a powerful set of tools for developing applications and makes touchscreen panel setup and programming quick and simple. The C-more software package offers a complete set of control panel objects including pushbuttons, selector switches, pilot lights, text and numeric data displays, bar graph displays, static and dynamic bit-mapped images, and more. Despite all of its features, the C-more programming package is very easy to understand and to use. The simple operation of this software allows users to quickly develop operational HMI screens for the C-more panels.

C-more Online Help is included in the programming software provides as much information as possible about the C-more HMI Software. C-more Online Help eliminates the need for a printed manual by offering a help file that covers, in as much detail as possible, all major areas of the software. In addition, this Online Help includes other information on the C-more panels and has cross references for replacement and upgrades of other panels.

C-more Programming Software Features

•50 Preconfigured Objects including 16 pen trends, slider switches, slide sorter, PID trend/bar faceplate
•Overlapping active devices on the screen
•65,368 colors for enhanced pictures on 8, 10, 12 and 15" panels (256 colors on 6" panel)
•Built-in project simulator, test on PC while developing
•Programming via USB or Ethernet
•Animation of bitmaps
•4,000 built-in symbols and 10 typefaces with hundreds of font sizes
•Bitmap fonts, use any that are on your PC
•PID faceplate and trending
•Alarm functions
•16 Pen chart/chart recording
•Data logging
•Background screen options for each created screen
•User library of objects, screens, graphics and sounds
•Property list window for power users
•Extensive Online help
•Recipes with up to100 entries
•Improved multi-language support
•Built-in calendar/ clock
•Thumbnail screen list
•Event Manager to trigger actions based on assigned state changes, schedules, PLC tag names, etc. setup in a database environment
•Built-in FTP server
•E-mail messaging
•Floating point support for relevant objects to/from PLC
•Screen and object password protection


Optimate Text Panel Configuration Software

All of the OptiMate text panels (including the OP-9001 communication master) are configured using the OptiMate OP-WINEDIT configuration software. The OP-WINEDIT software is compatible with computers running Windows 95/ 98/ 2000/ NT.

Simply load the software onto your personal computer. The simple setup instructions are described in the supplied manual and in the built-in HELP screens. The software allows setup of your complete panel applications, including the type of PLC being used, communications protocol, type of panel (or panels) being used, and in some cases, the format of the message text for the LCD display. Some panels even include the ability to design a menu tree. The setup steps are similar for all OptiMate panels. Use cable OP-CCBL to connect a PC to OP400 series panels, or OP-ACBL-1 to connect to OP600 or OP1000 series panels.

NOTE: When using the OptiMate 600 series panels (except for the OP-640), OP-WINEDIT software version 2.0 or higher is required. When using the OptiMate 400 series panels or the OP-640, version 2.3 or higher is required.



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