OPEXplus Digital Torque Wrench


The reliable OPEXplus digital torque wrench can measure both the torque and the angle of rotation. It covers a range of torques from 3 to 800 Nm, and it transfers the tightening results to any IT system without the need for additional control. The wrench allows fatigue-free work with its ergonomic design. The wrench‘s camera-based scanner uses an optical aiming device to read in barcodes and QR codes and transfer them to higher-level systems quickly and correctly.


OPEXplus torque tools are recognized in networks via the embedded WiFi module. When a tool in an assembly line is changed, the module can simply be plugged into the new screwdriver. The supplied software allows parameterization via a hotspot, the customer network or a serial interface.


The intelligent OPEXplus transmits the tightening results with a tightening curve, as well as maximum torque and angle of rotation, directly to any of the user’s IT systems without the need for additional control. OPEXplus supports popular protocols such as OpenProtocol, IPM or XML. A standard 21700 lithium-ion rechargeable cell supplies the power.


An LED display ring on the handle is visible from all directions and shows the tightening process and result. An optional vibration module providing touch confirmation is available as well. The color display allows the ergonomically optimized torque and angle-controlled wrench to be operated intuitively. The tool housing is made of a robust titanium-aluminum alloy with an anti-slip handle cover.

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