Optical Automatic Smart Inspection System


Middletown, DE –  Precision manufacturer George Products Co. has enhanced its product offerings with the addition of the Oasis (Optical Automatic Smart Inspection System) to their “Pobin” line of portable inspection devices. The Oasis is a full-featured, non-contact video profile measurement and inspection system that allows users to measure multiple dimensions on a part simultaneously and instantly. The measurements show up in a familiar, easy-to-read drawing dimensioning format and are saved in the Oasis for inspection archival or for built-in quality control reporting.

The Oasis operates by casting a "Shadow" of a part to be inspected and capturing that image in a digital format to be analyzed by an on-board computer. The powerful software behind the scenes converts the captured image into real dimensional data that measures the part to an accuracy of 0.0002-inches! In accuracy repeatability testing performed by the company, 100% of the measurements taken were within 0.0002 inches and 88% of the results actually were within 0.0001 inches of the test piece.
The machine works by utilizing an LED light source to collimate precise rays through a series of specially designed diffusers and lenses that shine across the part to be inspected. That image is then captured by a very specific telecentric optical lens, which results in a perfect monochrome profile of the inspected part. The part profile is then digitally captured with a specially designed camera system and transferred to the custom on-board computer where the software does the rest. The image is analyzed and measurement data is displayed on-screen.
The first time that a particular part is inspected, the user will have to tell the Oasis which dimensions to measure and what the nominal dimension is supposed to be - including adding tolerances so the Oasis can automatically give not only the actual measurement, but also a Pass/Fail indication and inspection report. Programming a part is as simple as drag-and-drop to specify the desired measurements.
When a part is placed in the Oasis, the user will see a digital image of the profile of the part to be inspectedontrol inspection reporting. Measurements taken by the Oasis are recorded in the unit as parts are inspected. Those dimensions can be imported into the Oasis Inspection Reporting feature which will create a custom report that can be printed or saved in the Oasis for future retrieval. The Quality Control report can be created for the dimensions of a single inspected part or for a group of parts in an entire production run.
Since it's inception in 1951, George Products Company, Inc. has been a pioneer in the Metal Products Fabrication Industry. Now, with the addition of the Oasis (Optical Automatic Smart Inspection System) to the “Pobin” line of portable inspection devices, George Products is continuing the tradition of innovative products, top-notch quality, and outstanding service that is unsurpassed in the industry.
For additional information or sales inquires, contact Erik Adams, George Products Company, 110 Sleepy Hollow Drive, Middletown, DE 19709; tel: 302.449.0199; fax: 302.449.0288; email: [email protected]; web: www.pobin.com
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