Optical Shaft Measurement System


Competitively priced and designed to provide fast, accurate, fully automatic measurement of smaller shafts and turned parts directly on the shop floor, the MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus features a highly accurate matrix camera with four million pixels.

The system measures parts up to 250 mm in length and 40 mm in diameter with an accuracy that is previously unknown in this market segment. An MPE (Maximum Permissible Error) of less than 1.5 microns + L/40 when measuring diameter and an even more impressive 3 microns + L/125 when measuring length is significantly more accurate than other systems using line cameras.


  • Live Image Field of View: 40 x 24 mm

  • Z-Axis Positioning Speeds: Up to 200 mm/second

  • Image Acquisition Rate: Over 120/s

  • Measurement Size: 250 mm (L), 40 mm (dia)

  • MPE: 1.5 microns + L/40 (dia), 3 microns + L/125 (L)

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