Optimize Your Enterprise on a Single Screen


Enterprise Performance Management for Operations Technology is a new category of software that will improve the way a variety of companies collect, analyze, and act on data from their operations. The software solution, Honeywell Forge, will leverage the company’s more than 100 years of expertise in asset and process control technology and will transform the way work gets done by owners and operators of buildings, airlines, industrial facilities, and other critical assets and infrastructure.


Honeywell Forge converts massive quantities of data from equipment, processes, and people into intuitive, actionable insights that enable monitoring of enterprise operations from a single screen. In turn, this helps customers optimize the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of their business.


Honeywell Forge is designed to be quick and cost-effective to implement, with hardware and software-agnostic approach that allows for use of existing systems. Honeywell Forge leverages predictive analytics to help identify maintenance issues before they happen; enable workers to be more productive, proficient and safe; reduce costs; and increase productivity. The company is developing Honeywell Forge to incorporate the latest cybersecurity protections.

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