OPX 33 Very Narrow Aisle Forklift


Engineered for heavy-duty, high-productivity applications, the OPX 33 Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Forklift operates within a 67 in. (170.2 cm) aisle width and has a 3,300 lb. (1496.9 kg) capacity; the electric forklift reaches a height of 374 in. (950 cm). It offers high-speed lifting and lowering and a large capacity battery capable of multiple shift operation.


It features a centralized control console with fingertip proportional controls that provide smooth and accurate operation. The steering wheel utilizes an EPS-Electric Power Steering system, and the central control console can be adjusted freely in all directions. A high suspension, fully adjustable seat reduces vibration to the driver while the automobile-type bionic curved backrest reduces driver fatigue.


The OPX 33 is equipped with a multi-function, color LCD instrument panel that displays the steering wheel position, battery power, power alarm, fault code, working time, driving speed, and other helpful information. It offers high-speed lifting and lowering and has a large capacity, side-extracted battery that provides multiple shift operation and reduces maintenance time. A low-noise gear pump ensures quiet lifting.


When the OPX 33 very narrow aisle forklift reaches the maximum height, the height limit function automatically cuts off lifting power to provide safe lifting. The forklift is available in Lithium-Ion as an option.


  • Powerful high quality AC drive system
  • Finger-tip hydraulic control
  • EPS-Electric Power Steering system
  • Electronic multiple-way valve
  • Multi-function Display: parking brake, the driving direction and speed, the hour meter, and the fault code
  • Large capacity battery
  • 67 in. (170.2 cm) required aisle width
  • High suspension seat
  • German ZF gearbox
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • Side extraction battery
  • Optional magnetic navigation
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