Orange is the New Yellow


Ammonia pipe markers have been changed to orange, because it meets the ANSI A13.1 (2007) revised standard for “toxic and corrosive” fluids. The new color that rhymes with door hinge replaces yellow, the former standard by IIAR for ammonia markets.

The markers are available in wrap around polyester, high performance/high visibility, and self sticking vinyl.


These new markers duplicate the existing yellow IIAR markers in the following materials:

  • B-689 Wrap Around Polyester Markers: Good for dirty, rusty pipes. Has protected graphics.
  • B-681/B-883 High Performance/High Visibility: Good for high temperature pipes and exposure to chemicals. Has protected graphics.
  • B-946 Self Sticking Vinyl Markers: Easy peel-and-stick markers for general applications. Requires separate roll of arrow tape to indicate flow direction.

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