Orbital Wrapper Brochure


Entitled, “Taking the Packaging World by Storm,” this brochure details how the patent-pending orbital wrapping technology allows the machine to wrap plastic film 360-deg. around and under a pallet load via a horizontal axis rather than the traditional vertical axis common to other stretch-wrapping machines. Securing the load to the pallet in a protective cocoon without banding or strapping, the TAB Wrapper Tornado creates a unitized, weather-resistant load that resists shifting in transit and storage for improved product protection and reduced order rejections upon delivery.


The brochure describes optional upgrades to the semi-automatic wrappers such as an automated cut and wrap system, wireless remote control operation, and full automation. Key safety features such as steel machine guarding, multiple emergency stops, and a side access door that automatically shuts off the machine when opened for roll changing are also described. An Economic Justification Chart (EJC) quantifies how the TAB Wrapper Tornado saves time, labor and money in the packaging department based on cost per pallet load. The EJC demonstrates that by wrapping four pallet loads in the time other machines take to wrap one pallet load, and by accounting for labor costs and fringe benefits, the TAB Wrapper Tornado cuts packaging costs in a typical operation from $2.43 per load to $.30 per load.

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