OTTO Fleet Manager


Fleet Manager provides OTTO AMR users to manage their entire fleet with every material handling workflow, system, and tool they need. It continuously processes data about the fleet so it always has a pulse on every robot’s status including charge level, location, job status, payload, vehicle capability, team, and more. Then it intelligently assigns jobs like material pick-ups, drop-offs, and battery charging to the right robot in real time.


Continuous mapping gives operators a real-time visual of the facility along with where OTTO AMRs are, and the jobs they’re executing. Customize the way the AMRs move throughout your facility by applying dozens of traffic rules like speed limits, heavy pedestrian areas, and more.


To ensure mission-critical processes flow continuously, OTTO Fleet Manager will keep you up-to-date on the metrics that matter:

  • Notifies about job takt times, throughput, distance traveled, and more
  • A single click engages an OTTO agent for expert support
  • Integrations with programs such as Slack allow for instant notification

Fleet Manager captures vast amounts of data and serves it up in a multitude of ways to help you stay on top of fleet performance and ROI. Dashboards show vehicle status, jobs in progress, historical trends, and more. Easily connect OTTO Fleet Manager to any factory tools or systems you have in place like an ERP or WMS via HTTPS Rest and Websocket, OPC-UA Protocols, and Ignition for PLC integration.


Works collaboratively with cobots and other connected devices like conveyors and shelving for seamless materials handling.

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