OTTO Lifter Smart Autonomous Forklift


A smart autonomous forklift, the OTTO Lifter can drive nimbly in dynamic environments and improves safety in facilities and warehouses. It has the ability to pick up and drop off pallets autonomously.


It features advanced safety sensors and autonomous driving capabilities, allowing it to seamlessly work alongside people, other vehicles, and existing infrastructure.


The path planning, lane tending, intelligent pallet detection, and stretch wrap piercing allow OTTO Lifter to navigate obstacles while precisely delivering materials. The autonomy software allows it to make real-time decisions.


The Lifter can determine if a pallet is properly seated, if it's centered or skewed, and whether the stretch wrap is covering entry notches. The ability to match the speed of the environment also demonstrates the precision and adaptability of the forklift.


  • Intelligent pallet detection for skewed, off-centred pallets and stretch-wrap covered entry notches
  • One-touch autonomous lane clearing
  • Adaptive Fieldset Technology maximizes speed while maintaining safety
  • Single Fleet Manager for all OTTO vehicles
  • Continuous re-mapping of zones for dynamic environments
Payload2,640 Ib. (1,200 kg)
Speed3.3 mph (1.5 m/s)
Min. Aisle Width (1-Way)10.4 ft (3 m)
Min. Aisle Width (2-Way)17.9 ft (5.4 m)
Max. Lift8.8 ft (2.7 m)
Weight5,315 lb. (2,411 kg)
Ground Clearance 1.8 in. (45 mm)
Energy System
Battery Capacity 375 Ahr
Charge Time (20 to 80%) 3 hrs
Battery Charging Swappable batteries or opportunity charging
Standards ComplianceFCC (RF, e.g. WiFi, 5G) & ICES, ISO 12100, ISO 13849
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