Oven Heat Treats Springs


No. 831 is a 950°F (510°C), belt conveyor oven, currently used for heat treating springs at the customer’s facility. Workspace dimensions of this oven measure 14-in. W x 54-in. D x 3-in. H. 81,600 BTU/HR are installed in a modulating infrared natural gas burner to heat the oven chamber, while a 250 CFM, 1/3-HP recirculating blower provides vertical downward airflow to the workload.


This Grieve belt conveyor oven has a 12-in. long open belt loading zone and a 54-in. long insulated heat zone with recirculated airflow. Features include a 12-in. long open unloading zone and a 10-in. wide, 0.041-in. high carbon steel woven wire conveyor belt with 1/40-HP motor variable speed drive.


Additional features include 4-in. thick insulated walls comprising 2-in. of 1990°F block and 2-in. of 10 lb./cf density rockwool and an aluminized steel interior and exterior. The oven is equipped with safety equipment required by IRI, FM and National Fire Protection Association Standard 86 for gas-heated equipment, including a 130 CFM 1/3-HP powered forced exhauster.

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