PACE5000 Pneumatic Pressure Controller/Indicator


The PACE5000 is the first in a new generation of high precision modular instrumentation for rack-mounting or bench top applications. It employs full digital control to provide high control stability and high slew rate, while its unique modular concept allows users to enjoy quick and easy parts replacement and significantly reduced instrument downtime.

The PACE5000 is based on the field-proven and highly reliable Druck DPI 520 platform and offers significant improvements in overall precision, long-term measurement stability and control performance. Designed primarily for 19-inch rack systems, it is equally at home as a bench top instrument and is ideal for integration into automated processes, where fast and accurate pressure control is required. Multiple units can be combined in the same system to provide a full range of pressure calibration capability from 25 mbar to 210 bar (0.35 to 3000 psi and 2.5 kPa to 21 Mpa). It is available in a choice of two performance specifications, so that the correct instrument can be selected for each installation.

The unique modular design of the new controller/indicator allows users to enjoy quick and easy parts replacement and fast pressure range changeover. Now, if a controller/indicator needs calibration, it is only necessary to remove and replace the modular component rather than send away the complete instrument.

A touch screen and a high-resolution ¼ VGA display ensure that the PACE5000 is extremely easy to operate and read. A simple icon menu allows easy and intuitive set-up of controller parameters and it enjoys comprehensive connectivity, via RS232, IEEE or CANbus. A USB communications port provides for easy PC and peripherals connection, the use of set-up software and diagnostics downloads for technical support. The functionality of the PACE5000 includes the ability to view pdfs, such as manuals and jpegs and to provide point-of-use help and applications support.


• Temperature Operating - 10°C to 50°C (50°F to122°F) • Weight - 10.1 kg or 22lbs • Dimensions - 440mm x2Ux320mm (17.3in x 2U x 12.6in) • Weight - 10.1 kg or 22 lbs • Dimensions - 440 mm x 2U x 320 mm (17.3 in x 2U x12.6 in)
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