Paddle-Style Actuators


The AC-20 and R3-22 Actuators feature corrosion-resistant construction for robust performance in exterior applications, and provide multiple points of actuation, allowing two connected rotary latches to be activated remotely by one actuator. Both actuators are manufactured from corrosion resistant materials, providing excellent solutions for exterior applications needing robust performance.


For example, when accessing a large enclosure on a piece of manufacturing equipment, the AC-20 and R3-22 can be used to safely release two latches at the same time in order to access the machinery within the panel. Or, in off-highway applications, when opening a large access panel, the new actuators allow the end user to easily release both latches at the same time by activating one actuator, facilitating operator entry.




  • Actuators are styled to match other Southco access hardware and provide a consistent look when multiple styles are used in an application
  • Ample hand grips and easy actuation enhance user operation
  • Different mounting styles satisfy door thicknesses up to 1" thick
  • Quick and easy attachment of custom-length cables minimizes installation costs
  • Non-corrosive construction eliminates concerns about durability in industrial environments
  • Designed for use with Southco cables and rotary latches for easy, economical system integration
  • Stainless steel styles for use in entry door, marine, and off-highway applications
  • Powder coated finish resists extreme temperatures
  • Key-locking feature with multiple key codes for added security
  • Lock/unlock feature provides visual feedback on lock status
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