Painting Robot Is at the Ready


Dürr and Kuka together have developed an integrated solution for automated paint application in the form of a compact robot for general industry.


While the robot comes from Kuka, Dürr provides the paint application technology. Pre-installed and ready-to-spray, the ECORP 10 R1100 contains fully compatible, tried-and-tested components, and offers a unique combination in the market. Perfectly suited for the requirements of general industry, its areas of application include the painting of wood, plastics, glass, and metal.


The painting robot system consists of a small six-axis robot equipped with state-of-the-art paint application technology. This technology is available in different configurations, tailored to each individual customer project. It can be quickly installed at the customer's site, and ensures efficient processes and a consistently high-quality paint finish.


The ready2spray robot enables the application of solvent and water-based one and two-component paints. It can be equipped with matching dosing pumps, paint pressure regulators, and color changers. Depending on the requirements, it comes with automated spray guns (air-atomizing or airless) from the EcoGun range or with electrostatic high-speed rotating atomizers from the EcoBell range.


With its small dimensions and pre-installed application technology, the ready2spray solution in the form of the compact industrial robot is an innovation in industrial painting. Its integrated concept includes the motion control of the robot and the process control for the applications, housed together in one control cabinet. Furthermore, the new painting system is fully Industry 4.0-ready. 


  • Explosion proof robot with 6 axis and a reachability of 1.100mm
  • Flexible control system for motion and process
  • Various interfaces to connect with third party devices (e.g. Line-PLC)
  • Suitable for wall, ceiling or floor installation
  • Modern user interface
  • All common paint processes are supported (Bell / Gun, 1K / 2K, High- / Low-Pressure)
  • ready2spray: Preassembled equipment for fast ramp up time


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